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Just look at them… (source)

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"Yeah but video games are a waste of ti-"


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People are too talented sometimes.

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Found this ad in a Nickelodeon magazine from 2004.

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I went to the library and ripped a bunch of cds! Any bands you guys like? 😸

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princess mononoke

Hm, that’s tough. Probably the city. I would know how to get around ask for help.

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Ghibli Themed Asks!

Kiki's Delivery Service: Have you ever moved to a different town?
Spirited Away: Do you ever forget names of people you know well?
The Cat Returns: If you could trade lives with a cat, would you?
My Neighbor Totoro: Have you ever been lost? Was it frightening?
Ponyo: Do you enjoy doing new or shocking things?
Princess Mononoke: Would you rather be lost in a forest or a city?
Castle in the Sky: What is the biggest discovery you have made?
My Neighbors the Yamadas: Do you want to have children and a family?
Arriety: Have you ever seen something strange and no one believed you?
Howl's Moving Castle: Have you ever had a crush on someone much older than yourself?
Whisper of the Heart: Have you ever been separated from someone?
Grave of the Fireflies: Do you cry over books/movies/shows/etc.?
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